The best application to take photos while continuously recording sound

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Welcome to Memtalk!

Ever been in an important meeting and you wanted to retain all the important information said and shown, but note taking wasn’t possible? Video recording is a hassle as you have to hold your phone up for one hour and later end up having to watch it all over again.

Memtalk keeps track of only the important or desired sections of a presentation. No need for a large video, instead take pictures of the important things shown, yet still record the audio to hear the explanations. Now you’re thinking; but wait, wouldn’t I still have to organize the audio and pictures? The answer is no! The beauty of Memtalk is it does it for you synchronously, meaning every time you take a photo, it overlays it over the audio in real time. Simply hit record, snap some pictures, and after the presentation is done, stop it, and everything is neatly organized to view back, hassle free.

So next time you’re at a long meeting, don’t forget to use Memtalk to actually remember what was said!

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